Microsoft Windows® XP Professional Edition gives you the freedom to work the way you want. Windows XP is designed for businesses of all sizes and for individuals who demand the most from their computer experience. If you are thinking about upgrading from your existing Windows system, here are 10 reasons to give Windows XP Professional a try:

1. Windows Messenger
Windows Messenger is the easy way to communicate and collaborate in real time on your computer. You can see the online status of your contacts and choose to communicate with them through text, voice, or video with better performance and higher quality. You can even send text messages to your coworker's cell phone or pager.

2. Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop allows you to create a virtual session and use your desktop computer from another computer running Windows 95 or later, giving you access to all of your data and applications even when you're not in your office.

3. Wireless 802.1x Networking Support
Wireless 802.1x Networking Support provides support for secured access, as well as performance improvements for wireless networks. This allows users to access their network in more public locations that are installing wireless technology such as airports, conference centers, hotels and coffee shops.

4. Remote Assistance
Remote Assistance allows you to have a friend or IT professional who is also running Windows XP remotely control your computer to demonstrate a process or help solve a problem. This secure feature also lets you watch and chat in real-time as her or she fixes your problem.

5. Policy-based Desktop Management
Policy-based Desktop Management (Intellimirror® technologies) allows group policies and roaming user profiles, simplifying desktop and user management for IT administrators. This results in a lower total cost of ownership and enhanced productivity.

6. Multilingual Support
Easily create, read, and edit documents in many different languages.

7. Dual View
A single computer desktop can be displayed on two monitors driven off of a single display adapter-a particularly useful feature for laptop users.

8. Encrypting File System
Encrypting File System provides a high level of protection from hackers and data theft by transparently encrypting files with a randomly generated key. This means only the user who encrypts a protected file can open and work with it.

9. User State Migration Tool
The User State Migration Tool can migrate your data and settings from an old computer to a new one. This makes it easier for employees who get a new computer to migrate their own files and settings without the support of an IT department or help desk.

10. New Task-based Visual Design
Get to your most commonly used tasks quickly, thanks to a cleaner design and new visual cues. Also, users can choose the updated user interface or the classic Windows 2000 interface with the click of a button.

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