Experience AMD Performance with Microsoft® Windows® XP

  • Optimized
  • Compatibility
  • Get work done fast
  • Enhanced Experience
  • AMD and Microsoft worked together to optimize applications like Direct X 8.0 for AMD processors; these applications enhance the already rich features of Windows XP.
  • AMD processors deliver outstanding performance on previous versions of the Windows operating system and will continue to provide exceptional performance under Windows XP.

AMD and Microsoft collaborated during the development of Windows XP to ensure that AMD processors are well-suited for the operating system.

  • AMD and Microsoft's strong working relationship dates back over a decade to the first version of Windows.
  • AMD supplied systems to Microsoft for the design, development, and testing of Windows XP.
  • Reflecting over 30 years of design and manufacturing expertise, and sales of over 175 million PC processors, AMD processors offer reliability and dependability from an industry leader. The unmatched stability of the Socket A platform makes it ideal for Windows XP deployment in the enterprise environment.
Get Work Done Fast

AMD processors allow users to effortlessly take advantage of Windows XP.

  • AMD processors boost overall productivity and make common tasks like sharing pictures and sound with family and friends simple and quick for everyone.
  • AMD PowerNow!™ technology is the only power management tool built into Windows XP. AMD mobile processors with AMD PowerNow! Technology enabled substantially increase system battery life.
  • AMD processors allow computer systems to boot and load applications quickly, providing a quick, effortless computing experience with no hassle. (Get online faster, have more fun, get more work done)
  • The responsive computing power of AMD processors makes the new features in Windows XP, like fast-user switching, quick and easy to use.
  • The outstanding number crunching capabilities of the AMD Athlon MP processor coupled SmartMP technology accelerate complex workstation applications
Enhanced Experience

Innovative AMD processors are the keys to unlocking fantastic Windows XP computing experiences.

  • High quality digital media like audio, video, and photos from digital devices exploit the advanced capabilities of AMD processors and the integrated features of Windows XP.
  • The combination of Windows XP's features and the outstanding abilities of AMD processors provide an enhanced Internet experience with smooth streaming audio and video.
  • Communicating to family and friends with video, voice and instant messaging is remarkable when powered by the next-generation features found in AMD processors.
  • AMD processors deliver best-in-class performance for digital entertainment like realistic 3D game-play and high-quality DVD playback.
  • AMD mobile processors enabled with AMD PowerNow! technology ensure that a great Windows XP experience lasts longer while on the go.